Exhibition View
Illuminated lasercut signs dispensed from ceiling. Words were chosen by an algorithm based on the artists texts.
Exhibition View
Signs dispensed above the exhibits.
Exhibition Poster Detail
The poster introduces the DI program and concept of the exhibition. It was custom made and mounted onto the wall with a transparent layer with graphical lines.
Exhibition Poster Full Installation
The poster connects the wall and exhibits with vinyl on the floor.


Client: DesignInformatics (University of Edinburgh)
Field: Design, Informatics, Internet of Things


The Design Informatics department commissioned Mark Kobine and Peak 15 to design and develop their annual exhibition for their first Masters degree show in 2014.


Under the umbrella ‘people, data, things’, we created elements to support and explain the work of the students. We used an algorithm to search through their theses and pick out words for an installation that was displayed above their work. Another design element was an info poster mimicking a UDMA hard drive cable placed at the wall. Environmental floor graphics combined both the poster and the exhibition tables.


This first exhibition on designing with data laid some of the groundwork for further research projects within DesignInformatics and was a milestone for them to establish DesignInformatics as a well-known research department well beyond Edinburgh University.