Business Cards
Metallic spot colours were used to create a unique look & feel for the business cards.
Business Cards Name
For the back of the cards we changed the placement of the graphical elements and so they become more unique for each team member.
We applied the X as a symbol to represent shifting data and input impacting on the outcome. A bold typeface equally inspired by machine aesthetics was adapted to be a combined word symbol logo.
Custom Typeface
The original typeface (Fifty) was custom adapted and a semi-bold weight especially made. The benefit of Fifty lies in it's highly memorable and strong look & feel, ideal for a highly typographic driven identity.
Key Visual Concept
Developing a distinct concept for key visuals in three tones (black, silver and yellow)
All programcards were produced on special silver paperstock.
Programcards Detail
Programcards Icons
Bespoke icons mimicking the notion a machine plotting the content, were created for the bar on the left.

Creative Informatics

Client: Creative Informatics
Field: Data-Driven Design, Research Cluster


The Creative Informatics Cluster aims to grow the creative industries in Edinburgh by building the number of existing businesses and creative entrepreneurs who can confidently innovate with data within the next four years. Six different ongoing programs have been designed to bring in both entrepreneurs, businesses, cultural institutions together to develop data-driven design. Creative Informatics approached us to create their Identity, Promotion, Website.


Drawing influence from the duality of machine-created and human-created design, this identity is rooted in the term ‘creative machine’ – not only the name for software that can create or edit content, but also a viable label for a human being. The lines are blurred between creation and co-creation. This duality is reflected in a strong typographic concept: the key typeface has both constructed and naturally drawn – almost calligraphic – characters. All nine AHRC supported cluster across the UK were also asked to develop their own version of an X, creating their own identity within the overarching concept across all. We then used the placeholder symbol to reflect the nature of the work we will be doing, which is never static neither in content nor in output.

For the key visuals, we chose a duo-tone colour scheme in metallic and lemon yellow, which we used in combination with black and white imagery to create a strong visual impact across all media.

We will be creating data-driven design promotion, co-developed with an algorithm, as the project moves on.