How can we create new knowledge by engaging with wider audiences? How can we shed light on an area of study by distilling our insights in a way that makes them more accessible?

For researchers it is pivotal to ask these questions today, especially within increasingly global connected academic community. The only question is: how to do it? Peak15 was founded to bridge the gap between science, communication and design to make research visible.

We use design as a tool throughout the research process, from creating
prototypes or design probes at the start, to collating and interpreting the results for a wider, non-academic audience at the end. Collaborations with researchers may result in identities, exhibitions, websites, apps. Science and design can benefit highly from collaborating with each other, our selected projects demonstrate our results.

Selected Academics and Researchers

Chris Speed & Jane MacDonald
Design Informatics

Chris Speed (and Creative Informatics team) 
Creative Informatics

Elisa Giaccardi & Iohanna Nicenboim
TU Delft

Bettina Nissen
University of Edinburgh

Sonia Matos
M-ITI Madeira

Dave-Murray Rust & Ella Tallyn
University of Edinburgh

Sian Bayne, Jen Ross, Pete Evans
Centre for Digital Education

Kate Carter
University of Edinburgh